Glam Doll: Northeast Minneapolis


Glam Doll Donuts, home of all things sweet, flirty, pin-up, and pink. The famous donut and coffee shop started in 2013 out of a small shop on Nicollet Ave S, also known as the delicious and famed "Eat Street" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In late 2016 Glam Doll opened their second location in Northeast Minneapolis, expanding their menu to offer alcoholic beverages and using the added space to host community events like as trivia nights. The shop received world-wide attention when it released a special twist on the classic breakfast treat, a "Mac N' Cheese" donut, consisting of the classic pasta breaded, shaped into a donut, and fried. The savory donut received so much attention it even recently filmed a feature to debut in a television special hosted by the Food Network!


An early morning on assignment in Northeast called for a stop by the newest location of the classic Minneapolis donut shop along with a dozen of donuts and the perfect iced latte to compliment the morning meal served by barista and one of the glam-est of "glam dolls", Lauren Lambrecht!