#TheStoryteller Creative Team:

Thank you for your interest in The Storyteller Media Coverage & Services Teams, applications are now closed.

**Priority given to queer, poc, femme, and non-binary applicants**

what The Storyteller Media gets:

501c3 Coverage (volunteer):


  • minimum of 40 RAW, unedited images (credited to you)

Journal Feature:

  • minimum of 20 RAW, unedited images

  • minimum of 1 paragraph write up recapping the event (credited to you)

  • editing rights (credited to the editor) for submitted images


Services (contract/paid):


  • $25/hour

  • Must own DSLR with hd video capability 

  • Meet/schedule phone meeting with client if necessary to ensure clarity, planning, & comfort

  • Transport necessary equipment to and from session/service

  • Deliver RAW images/footage to thestorytellermediabooking@gmail.com within 48 hours of the session/service for final processing & delivery 

Second shooting:

  • $15/hour

  • Capture RAW images/footage/b-roll in coordination with primary photographer

  • Deliver RAW images & footage to primary photographer for final processing within 24 hours of the session/service

What you get

501c3 Coverage (volunteer):


  • all extras after photos for coverage have been submitted, to use/edit under your own artistic style

  • original photo rights, photographer accreditation for submitted photos

  • free access to shows and events covered for #TheStoryteller

  • photo and recap accredited to you

 Services (contract/paid):


  • $25/hour (while on site) for lead gigs

  • $15/hour (while on site) for second shoot gigs

  • one hour training if needed/desired to operate photo booth & equipment