#TheStoryteller Photo Team

A collective of radical creatives documenting moment, movement, and music.

what you get:

  • Keep all remainder photos taken per event to use/edit under your own artistic style
  • original photo rights, photographer accreditation for submitted photos
  • free access to shows and events covered for #TheStoryteller
  • photo and recap accredited to you
  • 60% of full payment for services, paid to photographer (you)
  • $15/hour for second shoot gigs
  • paid one hour training to operate photo booth & equipment


what we get:


  • Gallery: minimum of 40 RAW, unedited images (credited to you)
  • Journal Feature: minimum of 20 RAW, unedited images  + minimum of 1 paragraph write up recapping the event (credited to you)
  •  editing rights (credited to us) for submitted images


  • Photo Booth: Transport & operate photo booth, lights, & equipment, deliver RAW images to thestorytellermediaorg@gmail.com within 48 hours of the event
  • Second shooting: capture RAW images in coordination with primary photographer, deliver RAW images to primary photographer for final processing
  •  editing rights (credited to us) for submitted images

Thank you for your interest in #TheStoryteller Photo Team, applications are now closed.


Interested in covering shows and events for #TheStoryteller Media? Apply here!

**Priority given to queer, poc, femme, and non-binary photographers**

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Current team members:

Kayla Koterwski, Zach Tate, Tim Phillips, Melanie Kraemer, Leeann Spangler, Sylvia Larson, Merecedes Nelson, Keren Habtes,Martin Sheeks,
Haley Sage, Michael Grievance,
Taylor Seaberg, Rachel Virginia, Emeline O'Hara,
Abriana Scholl, Keegan Anderson,
Katherine Tolene,
Jesseca MacDonald