#TheStoryteller Photo Team

A collective of radical creatives documenting moment, movement, and music.

Current team members: Zach Tate, Tim Phillips, Melanie Kraemer, Leeann Spangler, Sylvia Larson, Merecedes Nelson, Kayla Koterwski

what we get:

  • Gallery: minimum of 40 RAW, unedited images (credited to you)
  • Journal Feature: minimum of 20 RAW, unedited images  + minimum of 1 paragraph write up recapping the event (credited to you)
  •  editing rights (credited to us) for submitted images

 what you get:

  • Keep all remainder photos taken per event to use/edit under your own artistic style
  • original photo rights, photographer accreditation for submitted photos
  • free access to shows and events covered for #TheStoryteller
  • photo and recap accredited to you

Thank you for your interest in #TheStoryteller Photo Team, applications are closed at this time.


Interested in covering shows and events for #TheStoryteller Media? Apply here!

**Priority given to queer, poc, femme, and non-binary photographers**

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