MPD Fourth Precinct Pt. 3


We have seen some of the best and worst of humanity this week, it's been a longer and fuller one than I ever could have anticipated! Today as I left work I was tired, not the kind of tired that shuts your eyelids, the kind of tired that makes your bones and heart feel hollow, the kind of tired that comes with the constant flow of hopelessness in humanity and glimpses of the divine within it--and there are so many so much more tired than I. But I knew exactly where my bones could be a little more filled, so I called up some really gracious friends with a vehicle and last minute they blessedly picked me up and headed to the Fourth Precinct. We parked a few blocks away and with a to-go box of coffee in tow made our way to the bonfire flames and now incredibly colorful walls of the MPD 4th precinct.


It is only the third time I have been there this week, and I know for many leaving and catching some rest in a warm bed has not been a luxury afforded. We as a Minneapolis community are there until the tapes of the murder of Jamar Clark are released. Many others hold that spot consistently and relentlessly with ache and tire, but a spirit demanding of change. The North side community, where the shooting of Jamal Clark took place and where police brutality and neglect is deeply run, experiences these things most deeply.

Upon walking into what can now be fully described as base camp, I was greeted by warmth and smiles and children gathered in blankets sleeping in strollers. All was calm for the time being. It seems bellies full, as piles of pizza boxes (which for those of you looking to help out, I hear are a much needed and appreciated warm food source!) served as fire kindling. There was much joy for the small box of coffee I had brought along, it was just enough to top off some cups that had gone frigidly cold.


Nothing huge to report on today, at least not from my time at the precinct. Conferences were held, questions asked, police intense. Thousands showed up for a candlelight vigil earlier in the day that began as I started work so was unable to attend.


More than anything I just wanted to share a reminder of the ways community is showing in divine ways even in the midst of deep grief and frustration. The spirit holds steady, those already quite cold take off their gloves and demand strangers take a turn in them. Local businesses have offered up services and space for self care. We will win.

As was stated by a community and BLM MPLS leader to the MPD police chief this afternoon:

"You are beating us every night because we want tapes, what more proof can there be that you are lying, what other reason would you have?"

They may have fear and riot gear, but we have love and love wins.