Copper Lounge Building Collapse


For the community of Sioux Falls, this day did not go as any of us might've expected it would. In fact it was tragically unexpected.

At around 10:30 am The Copper Lounge, located within a city staple known as "The Old Skelly's Building", collapsed. Within it at the time were three bodies; a young woman and her dog on the upper level, and one member of the construction crew who had been renovating the lower area of the building.

As of this time, all known victims have been removed from the building. The young woman and her dog had been on her bed at the time of the collapse, after about three hours of searching, rescue workers pulled both from the rubble alive and in good condition. As the day went on the search for the remaining missing construction worker began to drag on, in increasingly dangerous temperatures. Finally at about 6 pm, the body of Ethan McMahon was discovered and pulled from the wreckage.


It has been a heavy day in this city, but it left us with no doubt of the care it's dear residents hold for one another. Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. businesses and residents rallied to provide warmth and care for rescue workers.

I'm so proud to call this place and these people home. Send the love you've got, many could use it this eve.