#StPhilando/Governor's Mansion Occupation


Shortly after on July 6, 2016 a 'Facebook Live' video went viral of an innocent Philando Castile (age 32) being shot 7 times and killed in front of his girlfriend and her young child after being pulled over by a St. Paul police officer. Community members from around Minneapolis and St. Paul gathered to hold space and demand accountability at the home of presiding Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton. The eve previous to my arrival to the area was intense, white anarchists taunted and attempted to provoke further violence at an occupation/protest of I-94, ending in the brutal treatment and arrest of several protestors standing closest to police-- Fifty on-scene arrests in total. Because of this, actions both at the mansion and in the cities, were tentatively on pause and my time was spent largely capturing very calm scenes of care and community.