Sioux Falls Black Lives Matter Vigil


This week has been an incredibly heavy one. Starting with the killing of two black men within 24 hours of one another by police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. Paul, Minnesota, concluding with a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest and vigil by an unaffiliated shooter, killing five officers and injuring several others.

In the aftermath of such a painful week, members of the Sioux Falls community gathered to take a stand against the brutality and violence, refusing to remain silent in circumstances of injustice.


The vigil began with a reading of names of the lives lost through police brutality and systematic injustice, including a specific time remembering the lives of women of color, some of the most oppressed and endangered lives in America's present and history. The group of about 100 met at the corner of 11th St & Duluth Ave, walking north towards 6th St and Minnesota Ave, concluding in front of the County Administration building with some moments of silence and a space to engage in community dialogue.