Women's March Sioux Falls

Yesterday, January 20th, 2017, Barack H. Obama took his final steps as President of the United States and rejoined the ranks as a private citizen of the U.S. Donald J. Trump was officially inaugurated as President of the United States of America. It was an overcast day, social media feeds like an astonished group of mourners. No one stopped it. No savior swooped in at the last minute yelling "you've been PUNKED!" Jan. 20th, a day we've held on the tip of our finger as though a hallucination, came to fruition, and it was... well, it was whew. 

This morning however, America awoke to a different energy, not the result of some miraculous turn of tone towards Trump, but an echoing "NO!" that billowed through the streets of the world and history books alike; The Women's March. A day that has become indeed a movement. One that began and continues in various complexities in the work of intersectionality. January 21st. When "pussy" fought back. When neighbors linked arms and said "not on our watch". The community marched, rallied, fought, unified, loved, and learned. Taking action to the streets and demanding to be heard loud and clear. "We will not go back".