Solar Eclipse: Cedar-Riverside Viewing Party


Today communities and individuals across the country took time away from work, school, and the grind of daily life to gather in hopeful watch of the 2017 Solar Eclipse.


In Minneapolis the scene was no different, across the city people could be found lingering outside residences, places of work, and at viewing parties. Cedar-Riverside Community Schools (CRCS) hosted a community Eclipse watching event for all ages. The event included education, snacks, and lots of joy.

Today the country held a lighter tone; community and the draw of what lies beyond this little blue dot we call home took priority. In the few hours of needed distraction and pause from a world post the election of Donald Trump, a man exposing the racist and ugly foundation on which America stands.

The world was quick not to miss an opportunity to ridicule Trump after the release of a video displaying to the world his rather squinty choice to look directly at the solar eclipse during the moon's path over the sun despite expert's repeated advice not to. Critics of Trump wasted no time in taking to social media commenting on the misstep and turning footage of the incident into a treasure trove of GIFs and memes.