Vans Warped Tour 2017: Shakopee, MN


Colorful hair, pierced faces, all things punk in all it's various, and an appropriate amount of aggressive anti-Trump symbolism forming a line miles long can signify only one thing: Warped Tour 2017.

Attendees to the popular music festival on the midwest leg of it's summer tour brought their weirdest selves and rocked out under a sweltering summer sun to a pretty stellar lineup. Bands like alternative and punk rock "Bad Cop Bad Cop", American rock band "American Authors", punk rock and anti-imperialist "Anti-Flag", and the classic hard rock band "GWAR" brought high energy acts and classic tracks fulfilling the dreams of punk-ass kids grown into punk-ass adults from across the midwest.


The only camera I had brought for the day unfortunately malfunctioned part-way through the afternoon after only three sets, leaving me with just my socially anxious-being and a camera phone to engage the rest of the day's activities. While a good chunk of me wishes with all my heart I could have captured the moment GWAR ripped a rubber Donald Trump's front side off exposing a grotesque collection of rubber organs, which, of course, fake (I assume) blood sprayed out of in epic proportions, being fully present to watch the delight and horror of a crowd of thousands away from the safety of my camera lens was an experience in and of itself.