MSP Airport Workers Rally for $15 & Union Rights


Workers from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) airport rallied on Wednesday for a $15 minimum wage and union rights for every worker at the airport. As travelers geared up for the busiest travel day of the year, a few dozen workers rallied outside of Terminal-1, marching and calling for better wages and collective bargaining rights in the cold Minnesota air.

The rally comes on the heels of St. Paul's new legislation putting the city on a path to a $15 minimum wage. St. Paul's new minimum wage follows Minneapolis's lead, effectively putting both the municipalities that surround MSP on the track for higher minimum wages. The airport, however, sits inside its own jurisdiction, making separate and specific action necessary to get the same benefits for workers there.

Speakers stood in front of the crowd and spoke about their current wages, lack of significant increases in wages over the past several years, and the long work hours they put in for little pay. Glen Brown, a wheelchair assistance driver for G2 for three years and member of SEIU Local 26, spoke at the rally as to why this fight is so important.

"I've worked here for three years and make $10.65 per hour. There are thousands of us making around what I make, while Delta CEO Ed Bastian makes $6,300 per hour. Our work helped make it possible for airlines in the U.S. to rake in billions in profit last year, yet we are stuck at $10.65. A $15 wage floor at MSP would mean stability and security for so many families," said Brown.

It is expected that nearly 3,000 workers would benefit from raising the minimum wage to $15 at the airport. Groups represented at the rally included SEIU Local 26, UNITE HERE Local 17, IAM Delta Workers Unit, Teamsters Local 120 and non-union airport workers.

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Photos: Martin Sheeks

Post Editing: Kayla Koterwski

Words: Martin Sheeks