Arms Aloft at Caydence Records


Sunday night local punks Arms Aloft, Class of 86, and Mr. Submissive took the stage in support of Chicago's Voice of Addiction.

Unfortunately Voice of Addiction experienced an expensive van break down, which occurred toward the end of their month-long tour. Support VOA by following this link to their merch store.

Mr. Submissive is a new band that doesn't come off as a new band. They tastefully blend intricate instrumental work with indie rock/pop sensibilities. I look forward to seeing how this already strong band progresses.

Progressive punks Class of 86 are as tight and energetic as ever. They played songs from all of their releases, including a rare performance of the song "Uroboros" from their self-titled debut. While they haven't announced any upcoming releases, they have been playing a couple of new and unreleased songs. Be sure to keep an eye on this band!

Buckaroux Banshees are Caydence's resident party-punks. Their performances are always energetic and fun. They even had a guest trombonist join in.

Arms Aloft is a quintessential midwestern punk band of our time. Their emotive sound is delivered as passionately as their message of self-care, community building, and anti-capitalism. Big thanks to all of the bands, and to the folks at Caydence for putting on a great all-ages punk show. These are important and far too rare.

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Photos: Kayla Koterwski

Post Editing: Kayla Koterwski

Words: Zach Tate