Household W Weathered w/ Author, Pierre in the 7th St Entry

One of the biggest Twin Cities' DIY shows of the year happened on Monday at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.

The stacked OG bill included Pierre, Author, Weathered, and Household. This show was significant for each band in different ways. Pierre just released a new music video from their new song “Poppy Fields” as a teaser for their new self-titled album, Author played their last show with original guitarist Erik Moody, Weathered just got back from an almost 3 week tour after debuting their newest album “Stranger Here” not to mention being signed to Facedown Records, and Household made a hometown stop in the middle of a short tour run. It was a perfect bill to bring everyone together, celebrate everyone’s changes and accomplishments, and to listen to some great music.

Pierre’s new music still has their gritty, basement sound with a psychedelic element that seems like a natural progression but don’t expect them to stop playing Mr. Movies anytime soon.

Author’s layered sound is exciting and complex. You are constantly looking around trying to anticipate what will come next. Their music is thoughtful, incredibly pleasant to listen to, and smart. Thank you to Erik Moody, we are excited for your new journey and thank you for all the music and friendship.

Weathered has had a crazy year: from touring like crazy, writing an amazing album, and signing with Facedown records. Their hard work, dedication, artistry, and creativity has earned them everything coming their way. Their new album is balanced; heavy and light, dark and bright. Get ready to roll those windows down this fall and blast this through your speakers. Congratulations to Weathered and their well deserved successes.

Household has gone through a lot of changes over the past year or two. From changing the lineup and their sound, they have been transformed in the most inspiring way. Their sound is punchy and bright but gritty and heavy. Their lyrics are still thoughtful and creative. We still can’t stop listening to “Everything a River Should Be.”

The line out the door of 7th Street on a Monday night says everything it needs to; the DIY scene is alive and well in the Twin Cities. It is growing, changing, and full of celebration.