Lucien Parker @ 7th St. Entry


Familiar friends played a familiar venue October 9th as Lucien Parker and friends took the stage at Minneapolis' own 7th St. Entry.

Lucien Parker and the Strange Oasis Entertainment team presented new music and amazing vibes for the Mephoria tour. Lucien was joined by Bravo and Djay Mando of the SOE team, and Why Khaliq was there to perform memorable favorites. Lucien has had fantastic success due to the genius of his nature and work in recent years. This show garnering no less attention, the venue was thick with people awaiting the new music set out by Lucien.

Lucien Parker is currently performing across Europe, finishing out the Mephoria tour. All I can say is that there are greater things to come in the near future from this young, prospering Minneapolis fave.

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