Microwave & Hotelier at First Ave

At Minneapolis' First Avenue, you can expect your favorite bands to sound just a little bit too good.

Jimmy Eat World, The Hotelier, and Microwave filled the space on Wednesday, May 9th, and fulfilled that expectation with ease. Microwave opened the show and as I listened to their set, I couldn’t believe that only 5 years ago they released Stovall. Now they’re opening for Jimmy Eat World! All I can say is they earned it. Their sound is metallic and complex, with emo influences. They’re the type of band you hear in your car and can’t wait to hear live.

The Hotelier was another great choice for this bill, their poetic and performative lyrics backed up by strong drums and layered bass lines, filled and delighted the sold-out First Ave audience. Their use of repetition in word and rhythm cause the listener to believe they can anticipate how a song might flow, however they always seem to surprise. Their sound is unique and it's clear why and how local bands are inspired by them; their music tells a story, but it doesn't take an expert on circumstances and story to follow along with ease.