Native American Day SuFu 2018

South Dakota celebrates Native American Day on October 8, 2018. A parade was held to celebrate, traveling the length of Philips Avenue, Downtown Sioux Falls. The event was organized by local indigenous community leaders, and started early with a traditional blessing and prayer. Despite the rainy weather, everyone lined up, preparing their floats for the parade. The procession began with music and flags reaching for the overcast sky. Each unique float displayed bright colors, adorned with traditional depictions of Indigenous culture such as Medicine Wheels and Eagle Feathers. 

The significance of Native American culture was obviously not lost on those in attendance. The crowd exuded such pride in an integral piece of South Dakota’s history: The Indigenous Peoples. A number of parade participants were dressed in traditional regalia with their heads held high to sing customary songs and lift the spirits of those around them.

This parade was the first of its kind; a memorialization of the trials and tribulations of the Indigenous peoples across South Dakota and the United States, a celebration of the depth of truly rich cultures, and an opportunity for members of the Sioux Falls area to lift up & celebrate local Native American community.

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