Ozzy The Painter @ Honey MPLS

Bellowing from the basement of Honey MPLS on a cool Autumn night emerged the sound of hip-hop and rap. Ozzy the Painter hosted their EP release for “Underleveled,” accompanied by Jayso Creative, LVNDSCVPES, Writegroove, and Kill Solace.

Warm welcomes and a great atmosphere provided an excellent addition the already outstanding performances. The venue was filled with like minded people, who are tired of the oppression and under performance of our leaders. It was filled with people with a history of hurt, but also of people who’ve overcome. There were songs of losing a beloved one, and sentimental pieces about where we stand as people of the world.

The night was collectively an amazing performance with deep meaning, great sounds, and fantastic lyricists.

Make sure you check out Ozzy's new EP and all of the other artist's work.

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