Poetry Night for Womxn


On a cozy Friday night in Sioux Falls, a group of poets, activists, friends, and community members gathered at the Full Circle Book Co-Op in downtown Sioux Falls, SD for a night celebrating femmes, and especially beloved community leader and friend, Taylor Ann Newcomb.

Amidst a scattering of photos from her life and social media accounts, friends and strangers alike gathered under twinkling stringed lights with beverages and snack platters, listening as one by one friends, chosen family, and those inspired by Taylor, her work, and all that was important to her read poetry she loved, written words, and played music reminiscent of her time with us.

Donations from the event are going towards a memorial tree planned for memorial park, where Taylor and her Girl Trek family, a group advocating for the health, prosperity, and liberation of black women, often gathered and walked.

The organizers of the event are awaiting specifics on the size and species of the tree to determine cost, a link will be added to donate in support of Taylor’s memorial tree.

A list of some of Taylor's favorite poets/authors can be found: https://goo.gl/forms/t0VNiNgAyhJuGQvD2

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Photos: Kayla Koterwski

Post Editing: Kayla Koterwski

 Words: Kayla Koterwski