Pookie Baby Tour in Sioux Falls

Prof's “Pooky Baby” tour made its last stop in Sioux Falls, SD on Friday November 16th. The show was opened by Sioux Falls’ own rambunctious rap crew, Rogues Gallery.

Minneapolis’ Prof brought along Mac Irv, Dwynell Roland, and DJ Willie Wonka. The house was full, and the crowd was pretty responsive to each set. Boom-bap beats played all night, MC's had nearly the full crowd participating in call-and-response chants, and MF Doom played in between songs. Mac Irv even got some folks to chant "Fuck the Police" along with him (in Sioux Falls, SD of all places).

This show was all of the things we've come to expect from any show with a Rhymesayers-heavy bill, and it was very rad.

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