The Tenenbaums at Total Drag

In a stellar; three show, two city, one night of coverage -- I was so pumped to discover the smooth rocking local "Tenenbaums" were playing a show at my all time fave venue, Total Drag in Sioux Falls, SD. I hopped the quick few blocks down from Icon Lounge's Wild Card Finale showcase (peep the shots here) to Total Drag just in time to catch the start of their set! I was immediately greeted by the always lovely faces of local photog, barista, and general super-star Mercedes Nelson, and almost immediately after the sweet and kick-ass Liz McGreevy Nissan, co-owner of the booming local venue. 


I unfortunately wasn't able to make the opening act, but heard raving reviews. The rest of the show rocked my socks off. The Tenenbaum's brought their infamous indie style, raw sound, and emotive energy to the stage; accented by the perfect glow of string lights, and a decor that feels straight out of a 1980's DIY punk scene basement venue. Chicago based rock band Engine Summer brought their A game to close the show, keeping the whole crowd smiling ear to ear and head banging in unison for the length of the set.